Applying 3D Printing Technology, We Can Produce Unproducible

Průmyslová keramika: Applying 3D Printing Technology, We Can Produce Unproducible

The company “Průmyslová keramika” is active in the production and sales of various types of non-shaped refractory masses and parts made from such masses. Practically every job order needs to develop a unique customized solution to meet highly individual requirements of our customers. Specifically, an additive production technology has proved to be an ideal solution to production of forms for individual parts.

Almost always, the form to produce parts consists of an external casing, defining overall shape, typically made from steel, and cores, detailing important functional details – grooves, holes, waves etc. Frequently, core shapes are incredibly complex; however, they must be designed and produced precisely as requested by the individual customer.


100% Ultimaker S5

During 2013, the management of “Průmyslova keramika” started addressing the issue of 3D printing technology as a means to make form production cheaper and faster. The very first 3D printer of the Czech producer was delivered in 2014. Unfortunately, we faced an extreme unreliability of the machine. Only 30% of printing works were satisfactorily completed. In 2016, the printer Ultimaker 3 produced positive results; “Průmyslová keramika” selected this specific brand and type namely for its reliability and professional quality of double-material 3D printing. In 2018, a new model Ultimaker S5 was added into our portfolio, bringing quality features of the model 3 Extended, but – in addition – providing larger printing volumes and more comfortable customer-friendly control. Thus, “Průmyslová keramika” has started to fully employ 3D printing technology to produce cores and inserts to forms.


Main benefits of technology have been demonstrated very soon

Main benefits of technology have been demonstrated very soon: production of requested parts, produced by 3D printing, is approximately five-times faster; production is precise, fast and repeated, giving nearly unlimited creative freedom in design concepts; moreover, significantly cheaper compared to previous procedures. Significant labor work saving (such as a lathe operator or mill operator) provides an additional value. In situ, precise and fast prototyping brings a significant advantage, too. Thus, 3D printing has proved highly useful for “Průmyslová keramika”, offering great benefits to the production process.

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